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COMCO – (PES) Permanent Earthing Solution

Permanenet Earthing Solution provides high performance ground enhancement, this solution would improve resistivity less than 0.12Ω.m. This solution has been developed specifically to make earthing system more effective as per IEEE Std 80-2000 section 14.5 Para (a), which deals with soil treatment to lower resistivity .

and gives various options to achieve it.This solution has been developed to provide a solid material around electrode i.e. copper rod in an augured hole OR grounding electrodes in a trench. This is an everlasting material and will not leach any chemical in to the ground; it also increases life of electrode by providing chemical inert surrounding.In Our Country the standard are not followed and resistivity reaches up to dangerous level where LIFE and electric equipment’s are at high risk. In few

cases earthing is not incorporated and the earthing standards & diagram are violated, and in few cases sodium chloride, magnesium etc is used with water to achieve the soil conductivity level, however with passage of time these material leach out. Thus whenever earthing is tested it will not be as per required level. We assure you that our Maintenance Free PERMANENT EARTHING

SOLUTION would provide required level as per IEEE standard.

Unique Features and Specifications

Physical Appearance (Powder Form) 200 – 250 mesh

Low Resistively

High Conductivity


Maintenance Free

Maintain Earth Resistance with Time

Set Firmly, Does not Dissolve or React

Does not Pollute the Earth and Water Table

Suitable for Installation in Slurry Form

Does not Depend on Presence of Water

Perform in all Soil and Weather Conditions

No Reaction with Electrode (Sulphur Free)

::Comco Earthing Enhancement Solution

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Earthing Powder

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