• KY-040 Rotery Encoder For Arduino

The incremental encoder is a series of numbers is converted to rotational displacement of the rotary pulse signal sensor , these pulses are used to control the angular displacement , the angular displacement encoder Eltra of photoelectric conversion using a scanning principle . Reading system to rotate the radial indexing plate ( disc) by alternating transparent and opaque windows windows constitute the basis, while the vertical irradiation by an infrared light source , the light of the projected image encoder to a receiver surface , the receiver is covered with a layer of a diffraction grating , and a code plate having the same window width. The receiver ‘s job is to feel changes produced by rotation of the disc , and then converts the light into a corresponding change in the electrical change, and then make up to the higher level signal is low , and there is no interference generated square pulses , which must be electronic circuit to deal with. Reading systems typically employ differential mode, but as soon the two waveforms for different signal phase by 180 ? compared in order to improve the quality and stability of the output signal, the reading is then formed on the basis of the difference between the two signals , thereby eliminating interference.

Incremental encoders give two-phase square wave, the phase difference are 90 ?, usually called the A and B channels. Wherein the rotational speed of a channel-related information is given, while the two-channel signal by comparing sequence information obtained in the rotation direction. There is a special signal called the Z or zero channel, which gives the absolute encoder zero, this signal is a square wave coincide with the center line of the channel A square wave.

Incremental encoder accuracy depends on the mechanical and electrical two factors, these factors are: the grating indexing errors, disc eccentricity, bearing eccentric, electronic reading device errors and inaccuracies introduced by the optical parts. The encoder determines the degree of accuracy of the measurement unit, the encoder determines the accuracy of electrical pulses generated by the encoder of the stars. The following electrical degrees with a 360 ? rotation of the mechanical axis to represent, and the axis of rotation must be a complete cycle. have to know how much the mechanical equivalent of a 360-degree electrical angle, you can use the following formula: electrical machinery 360 = 360 ? / n ? pulses / revolution

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KY-040 Rotery Encoder For Arduino

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